One of the most important accessories of women is their hair. Every woman dreams about voluminous, healthy and well-groomed hair. As a consequence, hair loss problem is every woman’s worst dream. Hair loss is more common in hijab women than in other women. That is because they do not have any option but to wear hijab. This is a triggering reason for hair loss. If hair is not exposed to sunlight and oxygen, it weakens. It is possible that there will be breakages on the weak hair strands and, unfortunately, they may experience hair loss. According to researches that carried out today, it is normal to lose 50 – 100 hair strands per day. However, hair loss above this number causes hair to lose its volume and starts hair sparseness. There are many methods known as solution to hair sparseness. It sometimes takes years for these methods to be effective, and what is more, they may not be permanent. For women who experience hair loss, having their old natural and beautiful hair back is like a beautiful dream. However, with the developing technology, this is no longer a dream. Hair transplant for hijab women is an operation that has already been performed in Turkey.

Hair Transplant for Hijab Women

Hair transplant is an operation which is performed to make the hair strands, that have lost their former volume as a result of hair loss, more natural; by transplanting the hair follicles taken from different areas of the patient to the sparse area. After this operation, the patient gets their natural and permanent hair back. The operation takes an average of several hours. A few days after the hair transplant operation, the patient can return to her daily life. It is a completely safe operation for women. During the hair transplant operation, the patient does not feel any pain as she will be under the effect of local anesthesia. There is no situation that patients should be afraid during the operation if they want to have a hair transplant for hijab women. Hair transplant operation requires an absolute delicate. The doctor who will perform this operation must be an expert in the field. Otherwise, the patient will not have the natural and permanent hair that she wants.

Can Hijab Women Have Hair Transplant?

“Can hijab women have hair transplant?”. It is one of the most frequently asked questions to us. Although hair transplant is associated with men, hair transplant for hijab women is now possible. As a matter of fact, hair transplant for women is one of the frequently performed surgical operations today. Hair transplant operations for hijab women are performed by women doctors.

Prices for Hair Transplant for Hijab Women

While determining the prices for the hair transplant for hijab women, it is not ethical to overcharge than other hair transplant operations. The most determining factor in hair transplant prices is the number of hair follicles that the patient needs. Transplanting less hair follicles than that, of course, will lower the price of the hair transplant. However, the patient cannot get the natural looking hair that she wants. For hair transplant operations, the number of hair follicles that the patient needs must be determined correctly by a specialist doctor, and hair transplant must not be performed below this number.

Another factor in determining the hair transplant price is the experience of the doctors who will work during the operation. It is of course possible to have a hair transplant for a cheap price, but the important thing is your satisfaction after the hair transplant. We have been offering hair transplant services in Istanbul for years. Our biggest goal is not to make a profit, but to see our patients happy. Thus, we have not employed even one inexperienced doctor in hair transplant operations for years, and we keep doing it that way. You can visit our clinic if you want to have the hair transplant for hijab women, get more information about hair transplant, and view the successful operations of our doctors and the notes of patients who are satisfied with us.