Today, people who have hair loss prefer to have the hair transplant treatment. Although hair transplant seems as a simple operation, hair care after the transplant is very important in order to have a permanent result. That is why, the patient who wants to have a hair transplant should research well what he/she should do before and after the hair transplant.

What to do after the hair transplant:

  • The most important thing you must know about hair care after a hair transplant is that you must not drink alcohol, do heavy work or exercise within 24 hours after the hair transplant.
  • You should not go outside without wearing a hat for a while in order to protect the transplanted area.
  • You should protect the transplanted area against external factors.
  • The transplanted area should be washed regularly as recommended by our specialists. You should wash your hair with gentle touches, without rubbing it too harsh.
  • Whether it’s sea or a pool, you should not go swimming for a while; also, the transplanted area should be protected while taking a shower.
  • After the hair transplant, you cannot use a hair dryer. Instead, dry the transplanted area using a towel with gentle touches.
  • Except for the doctor’s advice, you can never apply chemical products to your hair, such as hair gel.
  • After the first two weeks, you can start light workouts if you wish, but you should avoid heavy sport for a while.

These are some of the things you need to know about hair care after a hair transplant.

Healing process after the hair transplant

After the hair transplant, the transplanted area is dressed and the transplanted hair follicles are examined. The next 48 hours is the healing process of the transplanted area. You cannot scratch and you should protect it from sunlight and other factors. On the 3rd day, you can start washing your hair as indicated by our specialists. After the first 10 days, the scabs which formed on the hair follicles will fall off thanks to the products you will use.

As of the 2nd week, the transplanted area will completely heal. However, after a while, some of the transplanted hair will fall out. You should know that there is no need to worry or fear. Although it is wrong to give time, the fallen-out hair will start to grow again within 2-3 months. From the 6th month, the hair will grow completely and you will even be able to go to a hairdresser.

Hair care methods after the hair transplant

After the hair transplant, you should apply hair care methods as our specialists’ recommendations. If you have a hair transplant in Turkey, you should know that the methods recommended by our specialists increase the success of the hair transplant. If you use chemical products without consulting after the hair transplant, this can cause your hair to become dull and fragile. In order to avoid such situations, the hair transplant must be performed by expert specialists in their field and they should guide the patient in the right way.

Medical interns never perform a hair transplant, we do everything in our power to ensure that our patients leave themselves safely to the expert hands. The products used in our clinic are for single use only. Our clinic is cleaned and disinfected after each patient. You can contact us if you want to have a permanent hair transplant by experts.