The first hair wash after a hair transplant is important for the success of the operation. The patient should be very careful about it as it is a sensitive issue. It should definitely be done by expert specialists. Otherwise, the rate of falling off of scabs, which occur after the hair transplant, will slow down. As a result, the healing process will take longer. Washing hair after the transplant is performed a few days after the operation, with gentle touches without damaging the transplanted hair follicles. There are special shampoos and lotions used in this process. The patient must be extremely careful if they have to wash their hair themselves.

Why is the first wash important?

  • The transplanted hair follicles are still delicate after the hair transplant. Therefore, wrong or harsh moves may damage the hair during the first wash.
  • The first wash is very important as it softens the scabs and make them fall off. It must be done according to specialists’ instructions for the success of the operation.
  • It is important for cleaning after the hair transplant. Special lotions and shampoos strengthen the hair follicles and increase the success of the hair transplant.
  • During the first wash after the hair transplant, if hair follicles get damaged, they may not grow like they should. For this reason, washing and drying the hair must be done gently and any damage to the hair follicles must be prevented.
  • When taking a shower after the hair transplant, the recipient area must not contact with water.

How to wash hair after the hair transplant?

The answer to the question “How to wash hair after the hair transplant?” is the same for every patient. Before starting the washing process, a little preparation is necessary. In this preparation process, the patient should feel themselves comfortable and prepare the materials recommended by the specialists for the washing process. These materials are lotions which softens the scabs, shampoos which nourishes the hair follicles and make them grow faster, and warm water which does not damage the transplanted hair.
Before starting the washing process, the patient should apply the lotion gently to the transplanted area and wait a little as the lotion will make scabs soften. They can wipe the excess lotion with a napkin if necessary. Then, the lotion should be slowly washed away from the hair with warm water. After that, the shampoo must be applied with gentle touches, without causing any damage to the hair follicles and washed with warm water. After the washing process, the patient should dry the hair with a soft towel. They can apply the shampoo twice if wished.

Take these into consideration

  • Do not wash your hair before the date determined by our specialists.
  • After the first washing process, always wash your hair regularly like specified by our specialists.
  • Wash your hair delicately, otherwise you may damage the hair follicles.
  • Dry your hair with gentle touches using a soft towel.
  • Do not use any products other than lotions and shampoos recommended by our specialists. Chemical products will reduce the success of the hair transplant.
  • Avoid using lotions more than you need. You can take the excess lotion with a napkin.
  • Make sure to dry your hair after washing. If necessary, you can use a hair dryer at the lowest temperature, keeping it 40 cm away from your hair. That way it will not cause any damage to the hair follicles.
  • If you don’t have to wash your hair yourself, visit our clinic and have the first washing process performed by our specialists.