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Orenda Biotechnic Application

What is Orenda Biotechnic Treatment?

Orenda biotechnic treatment is a unique method for people suffering from extreme hair loss.

This treatment contains two different steps. The main goal is to liven up the hair to get it to grow faster and healthier while also restoring the lost parts of the hair. By doing this, baldness can be prevented before it has even started. With this method, your hair can grow much more strongly and finely. In very simplistic terms, this treatment is applied by injecting a serum under the skin beneath the hair. It will take roughly eight sessions.



Discovery of Orenda Biotechnic Treatment

This treatment first appeared at the In-Cosmetics Expo in Spain, just after discovering the Malus Domestica botanical extraction technique.


This herbal extract was the first stem cell extract and helped restore the hair cells of those suffering from hair loss.



What is the process of the treatment?

During this treatment, the skin of the hair is exposed to ozonic steam to get it ready for the serum. Then, micro canals are opened in the skin with the help of microneedles. Orenda serum will be injected into these micro canals and the process will then be complete. In the end, you will have stronger hair roots.



Effects on Hair Loss

This treatment can help you to get much healthier and stronger hair with a simple herbal serum.

After the treatment, your hair will be stronger and more pleasing.

This process must also be operated under a specialist’s control and in a sterilized place such as a hospital or clinic.

This process slows down hair loss and supports new hair growth.

Anyone who suffers from hair loss or hair weakness can get this treatment. It is also beneficial for conditions such as alopecia.

Since this is a herbal serum, no, there are none.

After the ozonic steam, a minor pain may be caused by the microneedle canalizing the skin beneath the hair. However, this pain is very minimal. Apart from that, there is no pain.

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