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Eyebrow Transplantation

What is an eyebrow transplantation?

Eyebrows are important parts of our face and sometimes they can undergo hair loss for various reasons. Using modern methods, these eyebrows can be restored. There are temporary solutions such as eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow pencils, however, these are only temporary and they do not give the desired permanent solution. In such cases, eyebrow transplantation is the right choice for a lasting result. Pay attention to the hygiene of the clinic and consult a specialist.


Why do eyebrows lose their hair?

There can be multiple reasons. Most common are: various hormonal reasons, unnecessary plucks, malnutrition, and more. Also, accidents and wounds can be another reason for eyebrow hair loss.


Eyebrow transplantation methods

In order to maintain a natural look, the most appropriate method of eyebrow transplantation is the FUE method. Using FUE, the desired look of the eyebrows is stenciled with a pen in order to mimic the look. After determining the area of transplantation and the shape of the eyebrows, follicles will be extracted from the back of the neck. With the help of 0.6 micron needles, the transplantation process will be completed. Follicles will be extracted one by one and must be implant one by one.


Important notes during the eyebrow transplantation

In order to create a natural look, hair follicles must be implanted one by one. In addition to this, implanting the proper rotation of the hair is essential to having a natural shape. The ideal angle for this is 25-30 degrees. If the angle is more than 30 degrees, the eyebrows would be upright. Also, make sure that you are doing the transplantation with an experienced specialist.


After the transplantation

You can get back to your daily life on the very same day after the transplantation. However, you should pay attention to avoid external contact with your eyebrows. While washing your face, you should do it slowly and gently.


When will you get results?

Dependent on the person, the whole process takes 3 months to 1 year to be complete. After the transplantation, within 15 days, there can be another session for small modifications. Apart from this, eyebrow shapes will be completely filled in after 1 year, give or take.

Eyebrow transplantation is a much more challenging process than hair transplantation. It can result in less than ideal situations if the doctor is not experienced in this field. Also, make sure that the whole operation takes place in the hospital or clinic before undergoing the procedure.

No. There will be no cutting in the process, so pain or aches are unexpected even after the operation.

Yes. Eyebrow transplantation is a permanent and natural method.

Everyone with sufficient health can have an eyebrow transplant. Apart from that, if one loses their eyebrows because of chemotherapy, they should wait until chemotherapy is over before proceeding with the eyebrow transplant.

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