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DHI Hair Transplant

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI is the abbreviation of Direct Hair Implant. This method is not different from FUE method. This is an advanced method. This method requires Choi pens for the implementation process.

In DHI hair transplant, hair roots are harvested by a unique method. It is a method that does not require sutures and incisions. In this way, wound formation is prevented in the harvesting area.

The necessity of the DHI hair transplant method is the use of a special pen. This pen is also called an "implanter". This method provides the best solution without using a scalpel.


Implementation Procedure

During the operation, the surgeons use disposable implanters. This is a hygienic hair transplantation method.

DHI hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia; the harvested follicles are implemented one by one. Thanks to the implanter, each follicle can be placed in a specific direction in the hairline area. There is no need to create holes or slits before the operation. Implanter is the only tool that must be used during the procedure.

DHI is a very voluminous and long process than the FUE method. During the procedure, doctors must be cautious and meticulous.


The Healing Process

After the DHI hair transplant operation, crusting time lasts 5 or 6 days. Since there are no channel openings during the operation, this process is very short compared to the other hair transplant methods.

After two weeks of the operation, the shedding process began, and after 3 months, the new hair started to grow.


  • There is no need to shave the head.

  • Hair roots are implanted in 1 – 2 minutes. There is no need to wait.

  • The likelihood of damage to hair follicles is very low.

  • The risk of bleeding is minimized.

  • Thanks to the implant hair follicles can be implemented more efficiently and intensely.

  • Since the patient is under local anesthesia, he/she will be awake during the operation.

  • This method is suitable for men and women.


  • This method takes longer than other methods.

  • This method is very costly because it requires special tools.

  • DHI hair transplant process can take up to 2 days.

Thanks to the innovative DHI hair transplant method, the patient's operation process is painless and indolent. DHI is the most preferred hair transplant method with a fast healing process.

The innovative Choi pens offer comfort and pleasure to the patients.

In DHI method, the grafts are usually harvested one by one. Because of that, the harvesting process is slightly longer than FUE. As a result of the harvesting process, the existing hair follicles do not get damaged and provide a natural look when implanted. DHI hair transplant method is a worldwide popular method.

If too many shedding in the planned harvested area, the hair follicles can be harvested in other body parts.

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