Does Hair Transplants Look Natural?

Many factors affect how natural your results will look in hair transplantation operations. We will examine these factors in this article. One of these factors is the density of your donor area. In hair transplantation operations, doctors prefer to use the back and the sides of the patient’s head as the donor area. This is because the hair in these areas is resistant to shedding. These hairs do not fall out even when extracted and placed into the recipient area. The number and the quality of these hairs, or hair follicles, to be more specific, are vital factors that affect the outcome. The more grafts that can be used means the better designs that the surgeon can come up with.

Planning and designing the outcome is also a very important factor. The surgeons analyze the patients’ hair before planning the operation. These analyses provide surgeons with crucial information about the structure of the patients’ hairs. The surgeons learn about the thickness of the strands and the overall density of the hair. They can also identify the type of hair loss the patients are experiencing with this information. This helps them to predict the course which the hair loss will take in the future (if it is still proceeding). All this information is used while planning and designing the operation and its outcomes.

Best Hair Transplantation Methods

The method of hair transplantation operation is another critical factor. There are various techniques and methods available in the field of hair transplantation. The most advanced and the best ones are the DHI and FUE methods. These methods allow surgeons to extract each donor graft and plant them similarly. The surgeons can also make minor adjustments while placing the donor grafts into the recipient area. In the FUT method, the surgeons don’t have many options while planting the donor grafts. This affects how the results look.

The experience of the staff is also significant. More sophisticated methods, such as the DHI and FUE, require knowledge to be implemented efficiently. If the staff is unfamiliar with these methods, the results will look unnatural. So, you prefer clinics with an experienced team if you plan to have a hair transplant. Avoid clinics where they perform hair transplantation operations at meager prices. There is a probability of getting scammed in such places.

As you can see above, we have listed the most important factors that affect the results of a hair transplant operation. You can have perfectly healthy and natural-looking hair if all these standards are met.

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