Hair loss is a condition which occurs in every person. It is natural to have an average of 60 – 100 strands of hair loss per day. However, depending on some factors, this number increases as the person gets older. As a result of increasing hair loss, some individuals may experience baldness. Permanent hair transplant operation can be performed for patients with baldness problems. However, one of the biggest fears of patients who want to have hair transplant today, is the possibility of transplanted hair may fall out again.

During hair transplant, the patient’s nape is generally used as the donor area. Hair follicles in the nape are resistant to fall out. That is because, their sensitivity to the DHT hormone, which is known as the main cause of baldness, is very low. Hair follicles in the donor area do not lose their genetic properties after hair transplant. Therefore, the transplanted hair follicles are quite resistant to hair loss. Accordingly, if the patient does not have a problem due to environmental factors after the hair transplant, the transplanted hair does not fall out again.

Hair Loss After Hair Transplant

Does the transplanted hair fall out again?“. This is the most asked question by our patients and the answer is actually pretty clear. In some cases, the hair follicles in the nape area, which are resistant to hair loss, may fall out after hair transplant, although it is very unlikely. There may be many reasons for this situation. Some of them are:

  • Age Related Hair Loss: The metabolism system slows down with each passing day and it may make the body not fully function. As a result, hair follicles which are resistant genetically, get weak and fall out over time. In order for the patient not to experience this situation, he/she should be examined by doctors in the field before hair transplant. Otherwise, the patient may experience hair loss after the hair transplant.
  • Some Disorders: Stress is known as the cause of most disorders. Unfortunately, it also affects hair loss in some patients. Patients who experience intense stress can get back their old natural hair through hair transplant and proper treatment. At this point, the experience of doctors is very important. Hair transplant operations performed in incompetent clinics are the biggest reason for hair loss after hair transplant.

Things to Do Before Hair Transplant

  • Clinics and doctors for the hair transplant operation must be well researched.
  • The cause of hair loss must be analyzed.
  • The patient should eat healthily for a while, prior to hair transplant.
  • He/she should follow the doctors’ instructions carefully.
  • He/she should apply the products given by the doctors regularly.
  • The patient should not use blood thinners before the operation.
  • The patient should get information about the stages of the operation from the clinic, where hair transplant will be performed.
  • Before the hair transplant operation, he/she should take care of the things that need to be done after the operation, and if possible, rest for a few days.
  • Most importantly, the patient should fully trust the doctor who will perform the hair transplant operation. He/she should not feel any anxiety, stress or fear before the operation.