The doctors and specialists in Turkey constantly improve themselves in hair transplantation. This leads that Turkey becomes one of the prominent countries in hair transplantation. Unshaved hair transplantation which means the hair transplant without shaving your hair is a recent technique. The demand for this application is increasing day by day. Hair transplantation without cutting the person’s hair is possible when the hair loss is the size of the palm. When the hairless area is larger, shaving hair brings some advantages on achieving more accurate results.

The process of unshaved hair transplantation

Unshaved hair transplantation is more challenging than classical transplantation. Because there are certain advantages of working in the shaved area. The prices can be different than the classical hair transplantation method. It is highly natural that the redness and scabbing occurs after hair transplantation. Doctors can cover those areas with unshaved hair transplantation. Patients can return to work on the day after planting. Unshaved FUE is an alternative method developed for people who do not want to appear operated after hair transplantation.

Unshaved hair transplantation can be an alternative solution for people who want to return to their business and social life in a short time and without having their hair cut. According to the way the hair is combed, it can be hidden for 10 days. After the first week, scars and scabs are already disappearing and there is no need to hide the redness of the hair. However, it will be appropriate for the patient to decide together with the doctor as a result of the consultation.

They want to have hair transplantation operation without shaving their hair, which is known, uninterruptedly meeting, interviewing and presenting especially in their business and social life. Unshaved DHI method is an alternative hair transplantation method that allows hair transplantation without shaving.

DHI hair transplantation method

DHI method first appeared in 2002 as an alternative to the FUE technique. Doctors use a special pen called Choi implanter or Choi pen to plant the new hair. This method offers an unshaved operation for the patients. Therefore, women prefer this method quite often. The other steps are the same as the FUE method.

 Benefits and challenges for the patient in unshaved hair transplantation

Patients should have a comprehensive evaluation with a specialist doctor. However, this alternative method has some benefits and challenges to health and quality of life. Therefore, you should think about the cons and pros before having unshaved hair transplantation.


You do not have to shave your hair before the operation.

Doctors can maintain your current hairstyle after the operation.

You can’t notice the wounds and scabs in the donor area.

It provides an effective solution especially for women who do not want to have their head shaved.

Responds to the demand of men who use their hair long and do not want to shorten.

You can quickly return to your work and social life.


Unshaved hair transplantation operation time, can be increased by 50% compared to shaving.

The team of doctors and team that will make hair transplantation spend more labour and effort.

The price may be higher depending on the time spent on the operation and labour intensity.