The FUT technique began to be used in the years before and after the development of technology has left its place to FUE technique. The advantages that the technology involved in our lives also reflect techniques in hair transplantation. In particular, techniques such as FUT gives way to more advanced versions have yielded significant benefits to patients.

Modern Method Fue

The FUT technique is, to do the transplant with the cells, resumption of the area which is asleep with the local anesthesia. In this situation, the tissue is taken with surgery and the treatment of the area was doing with sutures. In the FUE technique, the fabric is not taken, it is the cells of root hair which are taken with different techniques. And it does not require surgery and pain. The transplant procedure is done by adding transplants in the millimeter channels. FUT technique uses the same method as FUE.

The transplant is without trouble or pain. After the FUE technique, it is possible that scars may remain in nape after surgery. In addition, next to the scars that there are in the area where the tissue was taken, it may possible that there are numbness, itching disturbing that may disturb the patient for many years. With the hair transplant done with the hair roots taken with the FUE technique, there is no scar or disturbing situation.

As is the hair roots are taken directly and not the fabric, there is no injury or surgery. After the hair transplant done with the FUT technique, it may be that there is an unnatural appearance in the graft area. In addition, because of the inefficiency of tissue taken, it there may have a structure of hair problem.

But with the FUE technique, the hair looks completely natural and the hair growth is effective. The FUE technique is a modern technique. At the same time, as it requires a team of professional and experienced, some clinics can not do this. These clinics still prefer the FUT technique. But in our clinic FUE PLUS technique is used.