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Rhinoplasty is the name given to surgical adjustments and cosmetic surgery of the nose (often colloquially referred to as a “nose job”). The procedure is often more than just an aesthetic one, however, as it is also performed in cases where the structure of the nose causes difficulty breathing, snoring, or chewing with the mouth closed. In any case, the cartilaginous structure of the nose can be reshaped to any desired structure, and the patient will find improvement both in their appearance and in their respiratory health.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. This is because the nose is such a sensitive area that any complications arising from the patient being awake must be avoided. Testing of both the patient’s ability to receive anaesthetic and of their facial structure will be undergone beforehand. These tests will be done by your doctor and you will receive the most effective treatment based on them as a result.

During a rhinoplasty, the nose bone is remodelled according to your wishes using modern surgical techniques. Deformation of this bone structure can also be corrected, either for health or aesthetic reasons (e.g., in the event of the nose having been broken in an accident). Complications during the operation are very rare, and it is performed very frequently by a great many surgeons.

Within a few hours of the operation, the patient should be in full health and can be discharged from the clinic or hospital, though it is often advised that the patient remain for one day. This will depend on each situation’s specifics. Since this procedure is so popular, one will need to ensure they are receiving the best treatment from experts and professionals – but there are many of these in the country so there should be no need to worry much.

Older methods of rhinoplasty were not so effective, or were only temporary. However, modern, cutting-edge surgical practices are now available to everyone, and you can now have any nose you want permanently. This goes for a healthy respiratory system as well.