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Liposuction is one of the most common surgeries performed on women in the United States and in Europe. The procedure is named aptly, since it is really just the suction of fat from undesired areas in the body. Removal of fat can be done for aesthetic or health reasons, as fat is often seen as unattractive and is also unhealthy. This operation can shed considerable excess weight from the body, but it should not be used as an easy weight loss solution. Most doctors will ask their patients to try their best to lose weight using other, conventional means before turning to liposuction.

Liposuction can be performed over multiple sessions or all at once. This will depend on how much fat is being taken, as the amount that can be taken in one sitting is limited. Removing large amounts of fat from the body all at once can actually have significant detrimental health effects, so if large amounts are being removed the doctor will almost always insist that it be done over multiple operations.

Contrary to some popular belief, however, liposuction is not a dangerous surgery. There will be no scarring, permanent bruising, or lasting damage to the areas from which fat is removed. There may be some temporary hematoma formation, but thanks to modern techniques this is greatly reduced from the past. Some temporary bruising may be present, but again, this should not persist beyond a few weeks. If any pain or numbness is felt afterwards, it will be minimal and should subside eventually.

After the operation, in order to accelerate the healing process, the doctor will recommend that for a period of 3-4 weeks a corset be used to hold the flesh in place. This will aid the healing and make it happen faster.

Liposuction is often subject to much debate and many rumours; this is due to its popularity, though. In reality, it is a very easy and straightforward procedure that can be performed by a great many competent doctors. There will be no lasting complications, and so long as the doctor approves that you are able to receive it, liposuction can greatly improve your life.