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Hip Enlargement and Reduction

Hip Enlargement and Reduction

The hips have, historically, always been particularly important to the aesthetic of the female form. Nice, smooth hips have been preferentially selected by men since what seems like time immemorial – undoubtedly due to their indication of fertility. With good hips, a woman will attract more and more attention, something which all women have striven for throughout history. From ancient Egypt, to Rome, to Renaissance Europe we see countless examples of the hips being accentuated in women through art and in writings.

In the past, the hips were pronounced by taking flesh from the buttocks and moving it to the hip area – usually through the assistance of corsets and dresses. Using modern technology, however, it is possible to have surgery to increase (or decrease) the proportions of one’s hips. There are multiple methods by which specialized doctors can perform these operations. These include the injection of fatty tissue beneath the skin, the addition of silicone to the desired areas, or the transplantation of existing fat from one area to another.

Anyone who wishes to have hip enlargement or reduction performed should consult a specialist who will inform him or her of the most appropriate technique for his or her body. Testing can be done to determine this.

Since the operation is performed under general anaesthesia, someone who undergoes cosmetic hip surgery will simply wake up after the procedure with the hips that they want. There may be a brief stay in the hospital after waking to ensure that the anaesthesia has adequately worn off, but patients are discharged within hours. There will be a period of three to six weeks following the operation that the patient will be required to wear a specially-designed corset which holds the new hips in place.

The entire healing process post-operation is a mere 3-6 days. After this length of time, there will be no trace of the surgery on the hips or buttocks. The complete formation and stability of the new hips, and the reduction of swelling, however, can take up to six months. There should be little to no risk of complications with this surgery – it is a remarkably quick and easy process to undergo, and can be performed on men and women alike with equal ease.