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Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Ears can be a particularly visible part of a person’s face if they are abnormally shaped or excessively large. This is a common point of ridicule among children and young people. Being mocked for the shape or positioning of one’s ears can have lasting psychological impact on a person, and thus cosmetic surgery can often provide improvement not just in appearance but in the mental health and self-confidence of its recipients.

The structure of the ear is usually set in place after just four years of life. Thus, anyone over the age of 4 can have this surgery performed on them. It is in fact more advantageous to have the surgery done at as young an age as possible, as the new shape of the ears will become the normal appearance for the patient – new ears make a surprisingly dramatic change to the overall look of a person, more so than with noses or eyebrows. At an early age the surgery will also ensure that a child with large ears is not bullied or mocked for their appearance.

In addition to the psychological benefits for children, the recovery and acceptance by the body of the new ears is much greater in young people. This is because the cartilage at the base of the ear is far more flexible and malleable in children than it is in adults. This can make the surgery considerably more effective.

After cosmetic surgery on the ears, one can return to normal life within a day for children and within two to three days for adults. The procedure is performed under anaesthetic, and stitching is performed along the back of the ear once the surgery is complete. The doctor will monitor the patient afterwards for a day or two to ensure there will be no complications or issues with the result. Thanks to the most cutting-edge technologies, this is now an extremely easy procedure with high-efficiency results, and a completely natural appearance for the ears can be achieved.