Is the amount of hair follicles from someone else sufficient? Hair transplant has become a growing trend all over the world. People who suffer from hair loss are curious about the hair follicle taken from another person. Does it grow on someone else’s scalp? If you want to learn detailed information about these questions and this subject, continue reading this article. You can find answers to your all questions.

Is hair transplantation from another person possible?

Recently, hair transplant has become one of the popular aesthetic applications all over the world. You can think of aesthetic applications as a luxury rather than a necessity, however, when it comes to hair transplantation usually this is not the case. In fact, contrary to many aesthetic applications, hair transplantation is really more crucial as it changes the look of the patient to a great extent. In hair transplantation, donor areas from which the specialists take the hair follicles are nape, back, facial hair or chest hair in some cases. In most of the cases, the hair follicles from these areas are sufficient for hair transplant. However, you may need support from other applications such as having hair follicles from someone else.

When you have a large bald spot in your head, you may need extra hair follicles different from normal procedure. In such exceptional cases, doctors try different solutions like hair transplanting from other people. They can use healthy hair from someone else’s scalp. It is true that with the advancement of technology, serious improvements have been achieved in medicine and aesthetics. In light of these developments, the clients who have experienced permanent hair loss and who do not have sufficient donor space have started to investigate the issue of hair transplantation from other people.

People may think that hair transplantation is relatively easy both for the doctor and the patient, considering organ transplantations from another person is common. However, the case is usually the opposite of what people think. The government supports most of the vital organ transplants as these procedures are quite expensive and difficult. People can’t afford these procedures under normal circumstances. In the case of life-threatening situations, the government undertakes all payments under the SSK. If you consider the vitality of hair transplantation, you can realize that the government won’t support this application. Because the state considers hair transplant within the scope of aesthetics and aesthetic operations. They are not under social security insurance.

Will the hair transplant from another person be possible in the near future?

As we mentioned, with the developments in the field of medicine, this could be possible in the future. On the other hand, you can wait for government support. The government will take some actions on the account of hair donations eventually. However, it might take a while as the hair transplant operation is not like other aesthetic surgeries. More people are suffering from hair loss and it seriously affects the psychology of them. You should not only wait for the state support but also ask other clinics for help if you are experiencing severe hair loss. You can find a solution from an experienced hair transplantation centre or a specialist doctor in the field.