It is estimated that 382 million adults suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is an important disease that affects an individual’s life to a great extent. There are many factors that a person with diabetes should pay attention to in every sense. When these elements are taken under control, they lead a better quality of life. As such, one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “can diabetics have hair transplantation?” .

Hair Transplant for Diabetics

Hair transplant for diabetics is, of course, possible, but there are different evaluations for individuals with diabetes. The condition of the individual and the disease should be evaluated and the initiation of the procedure should depend on the decision of the doctor you consult on diabetes. The person who wants to have hair transplantation must inform his doctor that he wants to have this procedure. If there is a necessary situation, early measures should be taken for the patient. In addition, it is of great importance to inform our expert teams of hair transplantation about this situation. Required analyzes and tests should be done completely and accurately and these desired tests should be delivered to the doctor before the operation.

Especially, it is crucial to follow the diet advised by the doctor before hair transplant for diabetics. Diabetics must follow a healthy and balanced diet at all times and fully comply with their diet for a quality life. However, some of our diabetic patients may not be able to adapt to this diet. In such cases, it is of great importance to comply with the rules prescribed by the doctor. If you have an unbalanced diabetes, communication between doctors must be ensured and information must be exchanged before the hair transplantation procedure.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done For Diabetes?

One of the other things that diabetics should do before the operation is to inform our expert team about the drugs used for diabetes. As you know, one of the problems brought by diabetes, which differentiates the structure of the blood in our body, is that the healing of the wounds takes time. Although the hair transplantation process does not cause major wounds, more careful wound care control is followed. Moreover, a special antibiotic support is provided to control the healing time of the channels. After the sugar level has stabilized, doctors can start hair transplant . The coagulation time of the blood is of great importance to us in hair transplantation.

Therefore, blood thinners are not recommended before the procedure. However, most diabetic patients have to use these types of drugs. In these and similar cases, the operation is not recommended. Likewise, hair transplantation is not recommended in cases of high and unstable blood sugar. Since your life and health condition is above all in such procedures, you should be sure of everything in order to avoid any possibility that may cause bad consequences.

When the necessary risk factors are eliminated, you can decide whether you will have the procedure or not. However, to know if diabetic people can have hair transplant, you must be in touch with your doctor personally. The bottom line is that hair transplantation in diabeticscan be done, but it is not valid for every patient. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult our expert team and be examined as soon as possible.