Hair transplantation is the only treatment for genetic hair loss. It often gives miraculous results that satisfy the patients. However, hair transplantation can sometimes go horribly wrong and give regrettable results. But what are the factors behind these horrible transplant stories we hear about?

Well, it is often a consequence of not doing proper research or, understandably, going after the cheapest prices. This often leads patients to unexperienced hair transplantation clinics.

We have to remind you that having a hair transplant in such clinics will result in problems. These problems can be as follows:

  •         Having your hairline too far behind or overly up in front
  •         Having an unnatural hairline (as if drawn with a ruler)
  •         Thinning in the donor area as a result of excessive harvesting
  •         Having unevenly planted or placed hair follicles
  •         Having permanent and noticeable scars on the scalp

How to Avoid Having a Bad Hair Transplant?

We offer some bits of advice that can guide you to find better clinics and get better results for the time and money you are putting out:

  •         First, always do your research before booking for an operation.
  •         Get informed. Contact with as many experts on hair transplantation as possible.
  •         Always ask for references and past works of the doctors you are consulting to.
  •         Some clinics “offer” you a Warranty. Do not ever buy into that.
  •         Demand to see the doctor’s certificate. It is your right.

How Can a Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

But if you are seeing this article too late and have already had an operation which ended up pretty bad, don’t worry, there is a way that might possibly fix your bad hair transplant and that is the FUE method. But before getting your hopes up, we must inform you that the condition of the donor area on the scalp and the hair loss rate play a very important part in fixing the bad hair transplant cases. You may have to book for a couple of sessions in order to get your hair fixed.

Provided that your donor area is available and suitable, the FUE method can help you get your hairline fixed. Gaps around your head can be filled and faultily planted follicles can be removed using FUE method since it enables surgeons to harvest and plant hair follicles one by one. FUE method allows surgeons to perform precise small corrections which, when completed, provide the patients with the result that they initially wanted. Any scars that might have occurred during or as a result of a bad hair transplant can be covered, any follicles which might have been planted in wrong angles can be harvested and planted again correctly using FUE method.

So, the FUE method can be a permanent remedy to your bad hair transplant. It is a very difficult and delicate process, but your hair can be recovered. You can always consult a skilled and experienced surgeon to be informed on your situation and get your hair fixed.