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Brow Lift

Brow Lift
A brow lift is a straightforward procedure for reorienting the position of the eyebrows on a person’s face. If the eyebrows are pinched too close, angled downward too far, or simply hang too low over the eyes, a brow lift can dramatically improve their appearance. With such eyebrows, a person may appear permanently angry or sad, and this can affect the way they are received and judged by others. With modern technology and logistics, however, a brow lift can easily be performed and a person’s life may be improved a great deal.

The operation is generally done under general anaesthetic. Your doctor will perform a number of tests to ensure there will be no complications and that you will be a successful recipient of the surgery. This procedure used to be performed via stretching of the scalp, and there are still places where you can have this done; however, more modern techniques using microscopic surgical equipment and cameras have come about which have greatly improved the practice. It can now be performed under the skin directly, with very minimal scarring or damage.

After a brow lift, you will find that your eyebrows are at the appropriate height and angle in proportion to the rest of your face. You will also see a reduction in wrinkles caused by eyebrows, like frown lines. Your facial expression will no longer appear sad or tired or angry. You may find that this has the effect of greatly improving your personal relationships, or that you will approach life with more self-confidence and happiness.

The duration of the procedure depends on the person and the surgeon, but should not be more than an hour or two at most. For some people it is as little as half an hour. The patient, after post-operation testing, can leave in a matter of hours. However, the patient must ensure that they do not wash their face, shower, or otherwise submerge the eyebrows in water for any reason for at least 4-5 days after the surgery is finished.

There have been some reports of pain in the forehead and eyebrow region for a time following a brow lift. This is common in many surgeries, and can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers until the pain subsides (no more than a few days or weeks). Bruising and swelling may also be present for the first few days, and should subside once any stitches are removed. After this, you can go back to your usual activity!