Beard transplant is performed by transplanting the hair follicles, which are taken from the scalp, to the area in cases where there is not enough or no hair in the beard area. This operation can be applied to the chin, cheek and sideburn areas, as well as to hide acne and scars on the face. It can prevent hair loss which occurred due to various reasons. It is also a good option for individuals who are not satisfied with the density of their beard and want to have dense beard. Beard transplant can be applied to the sparse areas of the patient’s beard, or to the areas with no beard.

How is Beard Transplant Done?

After the patient is examined by specialist doctors, the number of hair follicles that he needs is determined. Then, the donor area, which is considered for the extraction of hair follicles, is determined. At this stage, the hair follicles which are similar to the beard area must be preferred. After the donor area is determined, the patient is taken to the operation room and local anesthesia is applied to him. After the application, beard transplant becomes completely painless. He does not feel any pain during the operation. Then, the required number of hair follicles for the patient is taken from the donor area and transplanted to the opened channels.

After the beard transplant, the transplanted area must be kept dry and not be touched. In addition, the patient should shave according to the instructions of our doctors for a week. This must be carried out regularly and he must do it exactly like our doctors said. After the first week, the transplanted hair will grow and start to fall out. But this is completely natural; the patient should not be demoralized and keep on following the instructions. Their beard will grow in a few months and it will not fall out any longer; and the permanent beard transplant operation will be completed.

Does Beard Transplant Look Natural?

Does beard transplant look natural?”. You must be getting the answer to this question by now. Since the extracted hair follicles from the donor area will be similar to your actual beard, you will have a completely natural look after the beard transplant. But at this point, you need to follow exactly the doctors’ instructions. Otherwise, you may not get the natural beard you want. It may be annoying, so it will be for your benefit to do the instructed applications one by one.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant is performed quite often in Turkey, especially in our city, Istanbul. The cost of the beard transplant varies to the clinic where the operation will be performed. However, the beard transplant prices in Turkey are quite low compared to other countries. When determining the prices, the number of hair follicles that are needed to the area, where the patient wants to have the beard transplant is determined. It is one of the main factors in determining the price. If the number of the needed hair follicles is low, the cost of the beard transplant will also be low. Apart from that, another factor that affects the price is experience of the specialist doctors who will perform the beard transplant operation and the technological products which are used at the clinic. For patients who apply to us for the beard transplant, it is not the prices, but the results of the beard transplant that are usually important for them. Nevertheless, we have been trying our best to give you the best prices for the beard transplant operations in Istanbul for years. You can contact us for the cost of facial hair transplant in Istanbul.