Most men do not like their appearance due to the lack of hair in the beard and mustache, their sparse and irregular appearance, or the leathery problem. Therefore, they use many methods, including herbal and operational ones. Among these methods, fue method is the most definite and permanent solution for beard and mustache transplantation . It is very important to take the right steps in beard and moustache transplantation, which requires more attention and dedication than hair transplantation. The medical team must consist of experts and follow your process after the operation, as well.

How to Make Beard Transplantation?

Beard cultivation takes place by transplanting the hair follicles taken from an appropriate area of the body to the area without beard or where the beard is sparse. Throughout this process, local anaesthesia is administered to the patient in beard transplantation. The amount of grafts deemed appropriate by our expert team are transferred to the area where the beard will be formed. In fact, the procedure is quite the same with a hair transplant procedure. It is possible to explain this procedure in a few steps.

These steps are; performing the necessary examination before beard transplantation will be performed, determining the number of grafts to be transplanted, performing necessary tests such as blood tests, applying local anesthesia, taking hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the beardless area.

We follow the FUE methodthroughout this process. That way, you can solve your sparseness of beard. It is also very important for the success of the operation that the patient explains the desired appearance to our expert teams before the beard transplantation. If the patient has a thin beard and wants a thicker beard, it is possible to perform beard transplant for beard tightening .

How Is Moustache Transplantation Performed?

Moustache has an important place in most cultures and is a must for most men. The beard offers an aesthetic appearance to the man. Sometimes the formation of a sparse and occasionally absurd appearance on the upper lip area and sometimes genetic reasons could be the reasons for the lack of hair in this area for beard and moustache transplantation.

However, in fact, beard and moustache transplantation consists of almost the same steps. FUE method is followed throughout the moustache transplant procedure, as well.This method, like the steps in beard transplantation, takes place by taking the hair follicles one by one from the donor area and transplanting to the area to be transplanted.

However, compared to other areas, less grafts are necessary for this operation. If you want to achieve an aesthetic and smooth appearance, you can contact our expert teams and let us know your expectations completely in the preliminary meeting.