In men and women, one of the most common problems that related to aging is hair loss. Hair loss may occur due to genetic and other factors, mostly in middle age and later. It causes the person to feel himself/herself unconfident and ugly. There are many methods people benefit from to prevent this negative situation. Some of them are: shampoo, hair conditioners, nourishing hair care products. However, these products often cause increasing hair loss rather than to stop it.

Hair transplant is an aesthetic operation performed with local anesthesia. It is the most effective and permanent solution which allows people with hair loss problems to prevent it. In hair transplant operations, the hair follicles, which are resistant to fall out, are extracted from the nape area and transplanted to the area where the hair loss occurs. The duration of the hair transplant varies according to the number of hair follicles the patient needs. It is determined by our specialist doctors with a preoperative examination. After the examination, the patient is informed about the price of the hair transplant. He/she is taken to the examination room. Then local anesthesia is applied to the patient and the hair transplant operation begins.

Types of Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

  • Local Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

Local anesthesia in hair transplant is a type of anesthesia, used by our expert anesthetists to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the operation. It is one of the integral elements for a painless hair transplant. It is applied separately to the donor area, where the hair follicles are extracted, and to the transplanted area. After this application, the patient does not feel any pain and he/she is comfortable during the operation. Thanks to local anesthesia, the painless hair transplant is performed.

  • General Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

General anesthesia is a type of anesthesia which is applied to the patient by respiration tract or via vein. Thanks to general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious and feels nothing. It is often used in severe surgeries. Therefore, it is not right to use general anesthesia in a hair transplant.

  • Regional Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

This type of anesthesia is applied to the entire area in which the operation will be performed. The patient does not feel pain and he/she is conscious during the operation. However, since the hair transplant is a simple operation, there is no need to use regional anesthesia in a hair transplant.

After Local Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

It usually takes about 9 – 10 hours for local anesthesia to wear off in the hair transplant operations. After the local anesthesia wears off, some patients may experience minor headaches. There is nothing you should be afraid of; these headaches will stop after a few days. If you experience such a problem, you can feel better by using painkillers that your doctor will prescribe for you. Also, we must remind you that, after the hair transplant you must use the antibiotics regularly, which our specialist doctors will prescribe for you. Otherwise, there may happen infections in the transplanted area.

You can contact us to visit our clinic or get detailed information about the previous operations performed by our specialist doctors, if you want to have a hair transplant operation.