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Ekspert i Transplantit të Flokëve: Ismet Yılmazer

Ekspert i Transplantit të Flokëve: Ismet Yılmazer

Ismet Yılmazer
Founder & Hair Transplant Expert

Born in 1958, in Islahiye, Gaziantep, hair transplantation expert Ismet Yilmazer graduated from Non-commissioned Officer Health College of Gulhane Military Academy of Medicine and the Department of English Language at Eskisehir Anadolu University after completing his primary, middle-and high-school educations.

Worked as a surgery and operating room technician in air force hospitals associated with Turkish Air Force for 20 years, Ismet Yilmazer took charge of project design of Izmir Karsıyaka Deniz Medical Center in 1999, after his retirement in 1997, and worked as a founder member, executive and expert in hair transplant studies and research at the medical center.

He took charge of the foundation and administration of Izmir ÇESAV Medical Center in 2004.

In 2010, he founded Rotalife Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Center. Then, he worked on hair health (trichology) topic and developed Orenda Hair Care Products, effective against hair loss,with his R&D team and introduced Orenda Hair Care Products to the domestic and international markets.

Furthermore, he developed Orenda Bio-Technic Application, which provides faster hair growth after hair transplantations and is effective in hair loss prevention within the body of R&D department.

Rotalife Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Centers, which are founded by him, provide services in Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya  for their customers from 36 countries.