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During an abdominoplasty, excess fat from around the belly is taken out, sagging tissue is repaired, and the remaining fatty tissue is stretched over the abdominal wall to correct the structure of the area. This stretching procedure is most often sought after by women, but it is available to both sexes.

This procedure is very useful for those who have either received liposuction or who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight in a short time, as it removes sagging flesh and skin from the belly area. It also corrects the look of any deformity or abnormality in the abdominal area. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with this operation.

With an abdominoplasty, it is possible to achieve the flat, beautiful stomach you want. Before the operation, your abdomen will be compared to the desired outcome, either through photographs or sketches, and testing is performed to determine the best way to achieve the transformation. Once this pre-testing is done, the surgery can be performed under general anaesthesia. There are generally no complications involved, other than those that are present for every surgery under an anaesthetic, and the procedure should take no more than one to two hours.

While primarily a cosmetic surgery, the abdominoplasty can also be performed for reasons of improving the circulation to and operation of the internal organs in the abdomen. Excess or misplaced fat and fatty tissue can sometimes constrict or impede the healthy flow of blood or other bodily substances in the region.

After the operation, the patient must remain in hospital for a few days. After the second day, the patient is encouraged to get up and move around to stimulate circulation and get back to their usual routine. Even once home the patient should be resting for a number of days before returning to full-strength activity. Avoiding impact or pressure on the stomach for several weeks is also recommended.