The stem cells are building blocks of our body. Scientists observed those cells for the first time in the 1950s. However, they couldn’t reach a definition of them until 1961. There are various features that stem cells have. Doctors and scientists discovered that using stem cells is a way of fighting hair loss treatment and baldness. Studies on the use of stem cells in hair loss have a history of 15-20 years. Stem cell therapies are in the business since then.

The Essential Features of stem cells:


Self-renewal and replacement,

To be able to repair himself and his environment.

What is the Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss?

Stem cell therapy, which is used in many areas of health, from cancer treatment to aesthetic applications, is applied by using the stem cells only from one’s own body. The stem cells can be obtained from different tissues in the body. However, bone marrow is the most preferred source for stem cells. Apart from bone marrow, blood tissue and infant’s tooth could be a source for stem cells. 95% of hair loss is hereditary. 7 out of every 10 people in the world are facing hair loss due to various reasons. Throughout history, doctors tried many methods for hair loss. Stem cell therapy for hair loss has been an intensive study area for many years. Stem cell therapy is a method to prevent hair loss and to maintain the health of transplanted hair. In the future, scientists may prevent hereditary baldness completely with stem cell therapy.

What is the Effect of Stem Cells on Hair Loss?

The fact that the exact cause of genetically based hair loss cannot be found is one of the main factors preventing the prevention Doctors couldn’t find a solution for permanent hair loss as the cause genetically based hair loss is a mystery. Fat layer gets thin in the scalp in genetic shedding. Nevertheless, people with genetical baldness still have stem cells in their scalp. The use of stem cells in hair loss is not limited to this study. Doctors also use restorative cell regeneration feature after hair transplant.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Transplantation

Stem cell therapy is not a main but supportive treatment for people who decide to have a hair transplant operation. This method allows the newly grown hair to adapt and develop rapidly. Stem cell treatment can be performed before the hair transplantation operation to prevent the loss of existing hair. After the operation, stem cell therapy may be repeated with the doctor’s advice. Stem cell therapy strengthens the hair that has not yet been shed and supports the healthy growth of newly transplanted areas. Therefore, the success of hair transplantation operation increases. The application of stem cells in hair transplantation makes newly transplanted hair follicles grow faster.